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Lives of Deep Meaning, Dynamic Virtue, and Transcendent Joy Begin at EHS

Beginning at the end of 7th grade, EHS supports families in all aspects of the high school admissions process for public schools, parochial schools, and independent schools, including application for scholarship programs and other forms of financial aid. Because of our emphasis on resilience, creativity, disciplined thought, and leadership development, EHS students are regarded highly as desirable candidates for admission, and our extraordinary high school placement results consistently reflect the strength of our core values and their daily execution.
Notable high school acceptances include:
95% of EHS Students matriculate to college. Notable college acceptances include:



“All I have to say, is I hope the world is ready for our swag, our skills, our dignity, our kindness, our strength, our resilience, our self-awareness, our pride, our patience and our persistence. With this beautiful home in our heart, let’s make this moment, this life, this world ours.” 

Geraldine Visoso, EHS '18, The Berkshire School '22