The goal of our program is to challenge every child so that they develop a deep and abiding curiosity and wonder about the changing world, the skills to adapt to it, and the ability and inclination to create and share lives of deep meaning, dynamic actions, and transcendent joy. Symmetries found and broken, systems that abide, transformations and transitions, the palpable beauty of evanescent facts, figurations and transfiguration –we want students to revel in these realities and find a way through and amidst. Using the grounded structures of the academic, athletic, and artistic disciplines, we work toward creative adaptation and final winged flight. Quite simply, we offer formidable support in shaping lives of deep Aristotelian happiness and larger purpose. The programs in this section are intended to incline us toward that bold end.

309 East 103rd Street New York, NY 10029-5603T 212.876.8775F 212.876.8776

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