At a Glance

10 plus one reasons to love us:

We are free and independent:

  • We are not a charter or public school.
  • We don’t teach to the test.
  • We work toward excellence, not a number.
  • We do not answer to a union or follow political trends or fashions.
  • Families choose EHS and we choose them – no lottery.


  • Our students are recruited by and attend the best high schools, for good reason!

Each child matters:

  • Our school has only 150 students.
  • 18 student class maximum.
  • We share deep history and a strong connection with our El Barrio community and families.
  • We were founded in 1993.
  • Our mother institution, Exodus House, was founded in 1963.
  • Our families are key participants in our elegant and successful fundraisers.
  • Our parents take free yoga classes at our school, offered by Namaste New York, a wellness concierge to the elite!
  • The calm energy and respectful approach of our school is a reflection of the same integrity and values that have long given El Barrio its resilience. And like El Barrio, we demand some fun and laughter in our day, too!

No surprises!

  • Parents get a weekly report card for their child, detailing class participation, quiz scores, homework, and more!

Fitness counts:

  • Our students have gym four days a week.
  • Our students get free play time every day.
  • We have soccer, wrestling, and lacrosse teams!
  • We are agile, mobile, but never hostile.

Your child is more than a test score:

  • We have drama and visual arts.
  • We have real science labs.
  • Admissions is based on character, not a lottery or test.
  • Our students have free play time in our beautiful yard – everyday.

Food matters:

  • Our in-house chef prepares sumptuous vegetarian meals fresh every day!

Bully free:

  • Our staff, students and families demand ethical behavior.
  • No one is allowed to stop a class from learning.
  • Our families have strong values.


  • Our modern building is full of light, is clean, and allows children to learn.
  • We have an outdoors program that gets our students out into natural beauty.
  • Our calm and serene atmosphere allows peace, reverie, deep learning, and true friendships.

We are always there for you:

  • We support our alumni in high school placement, college admissions, and the job search.
  • We match our alumni to travel abroad and wilderness programs.
  • Our staff, our families, alumni, trustees, and supporters form a grand extended family.

309 East 103rd Street New York, NY 10029-5603T 212.876.8775F 212.876.8776

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