Our 309 building embodies our way. It presents a strong but serene face to the community, with soaring sunlit spaces, and a clean austerity of design that is both calming and expressive of our energy and determination. There is a hush when people enter here, not of shock nor awe, but an intake of breath when one realizes this is really how things should be – a weeping willow through the glass, great openness, unexpected angles – beauty to lighten the spirits of those who carry the burden of poverty and alienation, and for their moments here they can really believe they matter. And for our students, the lift of ceiling and play of light encourage learning, reverie, and remind them of the compassion of architects, builders, and donors who made this place and moment possible.

309 East 103rd Street New York, NY 10029-5603T 212.876.8775F 212.876.8776

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Photo Credit: Erik Freeland & Michael Priest Photography

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