The following are frequently asked questions about our School. Please contact Criselys Polanco, Admissions Coordinator, with any questions: cpolanco@eastharlemschool.org.

1. How do I apply to The East Harlem School?

Click here to find out!

2. Do you accept students in all grades?

We accept the most students in 4th and 5th grade. We accept some students for 6th and 7th and rarely accept any students into 8th grade.

3. What do you mean by an 11-month school year?

Our school year ends in mid-June and then all students must return for the month of July for Summer Session. August is a vacation month for everyone!

4. Does my child have to attend Summer Session this summer if he or she is accepted for next year?


5. Does The East Harlem School charge tuition?

Yes, every family contributes something to the education of their child. Tuition is based on income and we are committed to making it affordable for all students.

6. Are you a charter school?

No, we are an independent school.

7. Do you give standardized tests?

Yes. We give the Stanford Achievement test to students in grades 5-8 and we give the state ELA and Math tests to students in grades 7 and 8. We do not use state test scores to determine whether or not students are promoted to the next grade.

8. Do you accept students with IEPs?

Yes. We do not have traditional special education classes but our small classes, dedicated teachers, and peaceful environment are an ideal educational environment for all kinds of learners and many students with IEPs have been very successful at EHS.

9. When is the deadline for applications?

We accepts applications throughout the year, but spaces fill quickly. Applying in the fall gives your child the highest chance of acceptance.

10. When do you make your admissions decisions?

Admissions to EHS is rolling. The sooner you apply and complete your application, the sooner a decision is made.

11. Do you accept students mid-year?

There are rarely spaces mid-year, but if there are openings we will accept students and allow them to start mid-year.

12. How many students are in a class?

Anywhere from 15-19 students. We have one class of 4th grade and two classes of grades 5-8.

13. Do you have after-school programming?

We have en extended school day, so all students stay at EHS until 5:00 Monday-Thursday. On Friday, students are dismissed at 3:00. This extended day allows all students to participate in athletics, arts, recess, and study hall.

14. Do you provide busing?

No, we do not provide busing, but we provide Metro Cards to those students who qualify.

15. Do you provide breakfast?

Yes, we provide optional breakfast for all students every day.

16. Do you provide lunch?

We provide a healthy, homemade, vegetarian lunch to all students every day.

17. How can we visit The East Harlem School?

Click here for a schedule of Open Houses. Please bring your child to the Open House if possible.

18. If we are put on the Wait List, when will we hear back.

We will contact you if a spot opens. We cannot predict if and when this will happen.

19. Does my child have to be a US citizen to apply to EHS?


20. What high schools do East Harlem School students go to?

EHS students go to top private, boarding, Catholic, and public schools. We have a full-time staff member dedicated to high school placement and we are committed to finding the best school for each of our graduates. Click here for more information about High-school placement at EHS.

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