The Humanities curriculum at EHS focuses on the development of an awareness and appreciation of the world, largely through the word. By developing the skills of careful and dynamic reading, lapidary and compelling writing, active and compassionate listening, and mindful and compelling speech, students gain an appreciation of the beauty and power of language and are able to use it to positive effect. In order to expose students to the range of human modes of linguistic expression, we read a variety of texts, including novels, poetry, textbooks, and newspapers. As writers, students are taught, through the disciplines of grammar and the gathering of textual evidence, to develop creativity and an individual voice, while maintaining precision and clarity in a diversity of writing styles and structures. Also within our Humanities program, students study history, geography, and evaluate current events with the same precision we use in literary exploration and with the same intention to gain clarity about the human condition, the human heart, and the state of the world.

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